Friday, November 11, 2016


Figured I should post some of the woodworking I've done over the years.

First up, a folding rocking chair I built in highschool:
The canvas sling is surprisingly comfy, even though it hangs rather low to the ground.

It's just a little too narrow to really fit me, but it's still rather nice to sit in!

Folded up for transport! Lays very nearly flat.
Next is a front door table for knick knacks and mail sorting.
Finally some simple racks for mugs and cooking utensils to replace our old solutions that couldn't handle the volume of objects we needed them to.
Metal brackets are used to hang it over the top of the cabinets. The utensil holding rods are made from short lengths of coathanger wire with gorilla glue caps.
The mug holding rods are short dowel segments glued into angled holes. One was removed from directly above the lightswitch to prevent blocking it.

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