Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Inspired by fan translations and the official response, I have made an english to any of the three Warframe languagestranslator.
You can find it here.
How to use
Type text into the text box, then select the language to translate to.
Click the 'save' button to open a new tab with a saveable image.
The 'background' checkbox replaces the normally transparent background with white.
The 'cheatsheet' button opens a new window containing an image detailing the translation from english to the currently selected language
The 'manual override' checkbox prevents the program from trying to phonetically translate to the tenno language.
The 'bold' checkbox uses bolded corpus characters instead of the normal corpus characters.
Update History
  • Jan8:      Updated letters and logic based on the official reference
    Added a faint grey background to help distinguish the white background added by the background button.
    Added a 'bold' option for the corpus language.
    Button options now change based on the language, grineer no longer has an unused button for 'manual override' for example.
    Fixed a bug in the cheatsheet new window logic that would remove all content from the cheatsheet window if the button was clicked while a cheatsheet window was already open.
  • Dec21:      Fixed letter spacing after 'r' and cases where the second consonant in a row was smaller than the first. 
    Added 'j', 'q', 'x', 'z' to corpus, as per this thread.
    Updated Corpus cheatsheet.
    Fixed missing visual distinction between corpus 's' and 'l'
  • Dec8:      Fixed clipping issue with some vowels introduced when changing image format for IE fix.
  • Dec1:      Fixed saving taint issue when using Internet Explorer.
  • Nov30:      Added checkbox to toggle program automatically guessing phonetic translation. Added cheatsheet button to open language specific reference sheet in new window/tab.
  • Nov26:      tenno: fixed 'the', 'you', words ending in 'tion'. grineer: added rule 'q' -> 'k'. Added optional white background button.
  • Nov26:      Initial Release
Tenno: program's translations do not match all examples shown here.